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  • Vertical Ops; Vietnam 1972
  • November 6, 1968. Temporary repairs Westchester County. Beached My Tho River, Dong Tam, RSVN GMG3 Robert M. Spraitz
  • Westchester County Gun Gang 1967: 'Barnacle Bob' Spraitz, 'Budda' Kachadorian, 'Pineapple' Phillips & 'Rifle' Winchester
  • Alliance Club 1965 (L - R)  Beaman, Humphreys, Foremans & Brumley
  • Wesco on the East Coast in the late 50's
  • Wesco 4-66, Nu Ma Zue, Japan
  • Brumley Qui Non 4-66
  • Brian Passeri; Chuck Appodaca (now deceased) On the Bridge LST 1167, 1971
  • Ens. Gannon, Bill Kaupus SME
  • Hong Kong Harbor '65
  • Al Wittich in the forward engine room, 1962
  • Solid Anchor Ops, Vietnam '71
  • Crossing the Equator celebration
  • LST 1167 now the Serda in the Turkish Navy
  • Wittich, Coate & DeMoss in Yokosuka 1962
  • November 4, 1968 Westchester County beached. Mine damage repair begun My Tho River, Dong Tam, RSVN
  • Haiphong Harbor Mine Sweeping Operation
  • Capt. John Branin inspecting Mining Damage of 11/1/68. Picture provided by Bob Spraitz.
  • Mining Damage Griffin 11/1/68. Picture provided by Bob Spraitz.
  • Viet Causeway Landing 1968. Picture provided by Bob Spraitz.
  • Marines on board LST 1167, 11/68. Picture provided by Bob Spraitz.
  • Jere Beery, Billy Fussnecker, and Mike Lovas playing in a Taiwan club, 1966
  • Jere Beery, Billy Fussnecker, Mike Lovas, and Kenny Allen
  • WESCO beached
  • WESCO crew. If you can identify anyone in this picture, please contact the association using the 'Contact Us' link on the top menu.
  • In Memory of George Kachadorian, who passed away 6/13/06
  • David Loos
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