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We provide ship's information and history. Our Gallery sections have photos of some of the ship and shipmates. The Reunion link has photos of past reunions and updates for the upcoming reunion. You can learn about the Association as well. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy reading about us. Please send any questions or comments using the Contact section above.

The USS Westchester County LST1167 Association is putting together a plan
to memorialize the ship and the 25 KIA from the November 1, 1968 mining.

The link below is the donation page where you, friends, and anyone else can donate for the cost of monuments for our fallen heroes in the mining November 1,1968 of the USS Westchester County (LST 1167). Please share this link on e-mails, social media, and any other place you may think of. Forever memorialize 25 brave men, (18) US Navy, (5) US Army & (2) Republic of Vietnam personnel, who sacrificed their lives on 11/1/1968 when the USS Westchester County LST 1167 was mined. The goal of our non-profit Westchester County LST 1167 Association is to memorialize these fallen brothers by strategically placing memorial stones throughout these United States so their families and loved ones may visit. We already have site approval in Washington DC near the Vietnam Memorial as well as in Dallas, Texas. Donations will be used towards the purchase, placement and engraving of these memorial stones to honor our fallen, brave men who will never be forgotten.


Plaque dedicated at the US Navy Memorial September 2010
during the LST 1167 Association Reunion.

Plaque dedicated at the 2010 LST 1167 Associattion Reunion