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KIA Killed in Action While Stationed Aboard the
U.S.S. Westchester County, LST 1167
Republic of Vietnam

Carter, Jackie Charles
SA, U.S. Navy
DOB: 8/23/48
Town of Enlistment: San Jose, CA
Wall Location: 40W L71
Cartwright, Richard Cortez
SK1, U.S. Navy
DOB: 5/3/40
Town of Enlistment: Jamestown, OH
Wall Location: 40W L71
Dale, Chester Donald
QM2, U.S. Navy
DOB: 2/28/32
Town of Enlistment: Capitan, NM
Wall Location: 40W L76
Duffy, Keith William
Keith William Duffy
RD3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 7/4/48
Town of Enlistment: Yonkers, NY
Wall Location: 40W L74

Picture provided by Bea Duffy, Mother

Dunning, Timothy Charles
Timothy Charles Dunning
SM3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 9/21/48
Town of Enlistment: Santa Ana, CA
Wall Location: 40W L71
Fell, David Gleason
PN2, U.S. Navy
DOB: 12/6/41
Town of Enlistment: Van Wert, OH
Wall Location: 40W L75
Funke, Thomas George
Thomas George Funke
ETN2, U.S. Navy
DOB: 3/29/43
Town of Enlistment: Coeur D Alene, ID
Wall Location: 40W L72

Picture provided by John Nosek

Hamm, Gerald Eugene (Boot)
Gerald Eugene (Boot) Hamm

RM3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 5/4/45
Town of Enlistment: Camden, AR
Wall Location: 40W L76

Picture provided by John Nosek

Houghtaling III, Floyd William
QMSN, U.S. Navy
DOB: 7/9/47
Town of Enlistment: Canajoharie, NY
Wall Location: 40W L77
Ibanez, Aristotoles Del Ropsario
SK1, U.S. Navy
DOB: 1/1/31
Town of Enlistment: Philippine Islands
Wall Location: 40W L77
Leonard, Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith Leonard
YN1, U.S. Navy
DOB: 9/21/48
Town of Enlistment: Santa Ana, CA
Wall Location: 40W L71

Picture provided by Dorothy Leonard

Miller, Jr., Joseph Anthony
Joseph Anthony Miller, Jr.
RM3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 9/21/48
Town of Enlistment: Lebanon, PA
Wall Location: 39W L02

Picture provided by John Nosek

Peters, Rodney Walter
RM1, U.S. Navy
DOB: 4/8/38
Town of Enlistment: Grants Pass, OR
Wall Location: 39W L03
Rundle, Gary Frank
YN3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 10/5/48
Town of Enlistment: Aldan, PA
Wall Location: 39W L04
Schnurrer, Jr., Reinhard Joseph
RM3, U.S. Navy
DOB: 6/13/48
Town of Enlistment: St. Paul, MN
Wall Location: 39W L04
Smith, Thomas Herbert
QM2, U.S. Navy
DOB: 2/24/48
Town of Enlistment: Markesan, WITHIN
Wall Location: 39W L04
Torcivia, Anthony Richard
CS1, U.S. Navy
DOB: 5/18/28
Town of Enlistment: Easton, PA
Wall Location: 39W L05

Killed in Action While Serving with Units Attached to U.S.S. Westchester County,
LST 1167, Republic of Vietnam

Kenny, Harry John
River Assault Division 111
DOB: 4/17/45
Town of Enlistment: Cincinnati, OH
Wall Location: 39W L01

U.S. Army Personnel Killed in Action While Stationed Aboard the
U.S.S. Westchester County, LST 1167
Republic of Vietnam

Bowman, Leslie Von
E-4, SP4, US Army
Ninth Infantry Division
DOB: 12/30/47
Town of Enlistment: Wallace, IN
Wall Location: 40W, L71
Cintron-Mendez, Wilfredo
E-4, SP4, US Army
Ninth Infantry Division
DOB: 10/13/47
Town of Enlistment: Utuado, PR
Wall Location: 40W, L72
Cooke, Jr., Ernest Frissle
E-3, PFC, US Army
Ninth Infantry Division
DOB: 2/2/48
Town of Enlistment: Hampton, VA
Wall Location: 40W, L72
Jose, Paul David
E-4, SP4, US Army
Ninth Infantry Division
DOB: 8/11/47
Town of Enlistment: San Francisco, CA
Wall Location: 39W, L03

U.S. Military Personnel Who Served Aboard the
U.S.S. Westchester County, LST 1167
Who Have Passed Away

Chuck Apodaco
CO, Passed Away: 08-02
James E. Atwood
TX, 66-68, E3, Passed Away: 2020, Survivor
Lloyd G. Bateman
57-60, Passed Away: 03-99
Ronald M. Bell
GA, 59-61, LTJG, Passed Away: 07-20
John Bernhard
AL, Passed Away: 07/2015, Cousin of Bea Duffy
Joe M. Blea
NM, 63-65, SN, Passed Away: 07-95
John W. Branin
LCDR, Passed Away: 04-98
John T. Brown
CA, Passed Away: 04-19, Survivor
Ray Butler
TX, 65-67, RM3, Passed Away: 2021, Butts
Jerry H. Choinski
NY, 67-68, SN, Passed Away: 11/2015, Survivor
Ken Correll
NY, Passed Away: 06-05
CDR Charles J. Cox
CA, Passed Away: 2020, Survivor
Frank C. Crowder
VA, Passed Away: 2004?
Ronald Dale
NJ, Passed Away: 04-10
Robert Dimmick
OR, Passed Away: 12-03
Marty Dix
MI, 60-61, SM3, Al Wittich
Gary Dodd
KS, Passed Away: 02-10
Joseph B. Dordauhl
CA, Passed Away: 03-00
John E. Downing
WA, 61-64, EMCS, Passed Away: 07-10
Jack Dowse
NE, 58-60, EN3, Passed Away: 07-07
Bea A. Duffy
NY, Passed Away: 06-13, Gold Star Mother of KIA Keith W. Duffy
R.C. 'John' Duncan
GA, 53-55, EMCS, Passed Away: 01-09, Pre-Commissioning Crew
May Dunning
NM, Passed Away: 08-13, Gold Star Mother of KIA Tim Dunning
John Fritz
TX, 68-70, QM2, Passed Away: 04-10
Jim Gavalas
IO, 67-69, EM2, Passed Away: 1999
Gaither Gibson
AL, 54, Passed Away: 05-99
John Gilhooley
CA, 66-68, SN
Elmer Grigger
WA, 65-69, ENCS, Passed Away: 12-98
Ron Gwaltney
LA, 71-73, QM3, Passed Away: 09-19
Francis P. Hagman
KY, 61-63, EN3, Passed Away: 05-03, deceased
Leo Halligan
CA, 59-60, Passed Away: 2021
Jim Hankey
PA, 69-71, GMG2, Passed Away: 07-07
John Hausmann
CA, 56-58, LTJG, Passed Away: 04-00
Paul Heidt
TX, 60-62, RM3, Passed Away: 03-07
Bill Hickle
WA, 63-65, ET, Passed Away: 01-06
William Housel
CA, 71-72, RMSN, Passed Away: 01/18/2013
Bob Isler
FL, 56-60, LtJG, Passed Away: 2021
Jake Jacobs
VA, 72-73, LT, Passed Away: 07-11
Dick Jensen
ME, 68-69, LT, Passed Away: 09-2012, Survivor
George Kachadorian
VA, 66-67, 68-69, GMG2, Passed Away: 06-06
Robert L. Krosnick
Ella Lacey
Passed Away: 12-03
Joseph M. Lang
FL, 69-72, LCDR, Passed Away: 01-15
Bob Lecuyer
KS, 71-73, RM3, Passed Away: 2021
Nathan O. Loesch
CA, 67-68, Passed Away: 11/10, Chaplain, Survivor
Howard McDonald
TX, 58-63, SK2, Passed Away: 06-11
Ronald McEntire
TX, 62-65, RM3, Passed Away: 07-19
Chuck McMurray
PA, 53-57, QM3, Passed Away: 09-06, Comm crew
Neil Meehan
IN, 70-72, SK, Passed Away: 2018
Kenny Melvin
IN, Passed Away: 2018, Survivor
John Merchant
Passed Away: 06-03
Sherman L. Merchant
ME, Passed Away: 05-18, Commissioning Crew
Joseph P. Metcalf
64-65, CO, Passed Away: 03-07
Richard C. Meyer
NY, 53-55, IC2, Passed Away: 01-02
Tom Miller
IN, 58-62, RM3, Passed Away: 2018
Larry Moore
OR, RM, Passed Away: 08-02
Thomas E. Morrow
TN, 59-61, SN
Larry Nabers
TX, 53-57, Comm crew
Robert C. Nelson
TX, 66-67, SHC, Passed Away: 05-20
Jim Newton
PA, 70-72, FTG2, Passed Away: 05-18
William W. Oates
Passed Away: 10-01
Mike Ring
AZ, Passed Away: 11-08
Frank C. Roe
Joe Rogers
Passed Away: 10-97
Rick Russell
IL, 67-69, SFM2, Passed Away: 12-95
Archie Ruszala
CA, 66-69, EMCS, Passed Away: 10-03
Richard C. Sadler
KY, 54-56, EM3, Passed Away: 05-20, Commissioning Crew
Glen E. Saul
Passed Away: 09-99
Herb Sheets
VA, SK1, Passed Away: 03-01
Ray A. Simmons
CA, 64-70, ENC
Richard Starkey
FL, 54-55
Paul Stewart
IN, 57-63, EN2, Passed Away: 2021
John S. Sullivan
CA, 67-69, HMC, Passed Away: 10-06
Donald M. Tobolski
NM, 69-71, LCDR, Passed Away: 02-18
Richard Willstatter
NY, Passed Away: 06-05
Richard L. Wisniewsky
GA, 59-60, LTJG, Passed Away: 01-04
James E. Wisong
Passed Away: 04-10, Shawnee Mission
Frank N. Wood
NY, 59-63, EN3, Passed Away: 2020