The meeting was called to order at 9:15 AM by President Paul Maier. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. The 2009 minutes were received and approved.

Nolan Nelson presented the Secretary/Treasurer report. For this reunion he attempted to contact all shipmates for which we had any information. Eventually 16 shipmates could not be reached by either email or postal mail. Al Wittich agreed to attempt contacting these people by phone or other means. Robin Norcutt said he had current information on two people and would help. Concerning financial issues the reunions have broken even over the combined last six years. The $3,000 required for the plaque at the Navy Memorial had been paid. As of the end of 2009, there remains about $12,000 for future years, including $725, which should be reserved for recognition of the Westchester County at other sites.


The possibility of purchasing insurance for reunions or including a disclaimer on the registration was discussed. We confirmed with an attorney that a disclaimer is ineffective and targeted liability insurance is not available. Therefore, neither option will be pursued in the future. We will rely on shipmates being careful and attentive to each other.

The discussion then moved to other places the Westchester County could be recognized. Paul Maier agreed to continue seeking methods for recognition at the memorial to riverine forces on the San Diego amphibious base. Currently donors of $100 or more are recognized by having their names listed on plaques on the back of the memorial. Paul Maier will also follow up on locating a plaque at the Vietnam Memorial located at a state park in Angle Fire, New Mexico. Will Duffy will contact Doug Griffin in Summers, New York who supervises a military museum WW I to present. The museum currently houses a display for most WESCO memorabilia accumulated. David Maier will investigate the veteran’s home in Sandusky, Ohio.

The next topic was redevelopment of the website. John confirmed the consensus that the current site was out of date and cumbersome. Robin Norcutt agreed to follow up with Jean Prevost to enlist her help to develop a new website rather than attempt to fix the current site. John Nosek will be the association contact for developing the new site and for passing all information to Jean Prevost who will be the new webmaster when the site istransferred to her servers. John and Jean will consider several options for social networking. There is currently a Westchester County facebook. Other alternatives are Yahoo and Google groups. John would appreciate any ideas and preference suggestions from shipmates. One suggestion was to review the site for the U.S.S. Charles H. Roan DD653 for ideas.


A motion was approved for the association to purchase a copy of the memorial plaque from Grindstaff.

Jim Yeager moved and it was approved to grant John Sullivan’s son (John D.) an honorary lifetime membership.

Nolan Nelson will discuss with other veteran organizations what their policies are concerning payment for lifetime memberships, granting honorary lifetime memberships, and providing financial aid to members who would otherwise not be able to attend a reunion.

The association decided the memorial service Sunday morning should primarily be for the shipmates lost in the mining November 1, 1968. The individual names will be read and the bell tolled for each. Next other departed shipmates will be recognized by categories of Vietnam War deaths and deceased association members. The bell will be tolled twice for each category.

The following members were unanimously accepted to serve as officers for the next year:
   President: Jim Yeager
   Vice President: John Nosek
   Secretary/Treasurer: Nolan Nelson

Future Reunions:

The 2011 reunion will be held in Colorado Springs beginning Thursday, June 2 through breakfast on June 5. Al and Ginny Carson will host at the Crown Plaza.

The 2012 reunion will be held in Reno, and be hosted by John and P.J. Nosek, and Nick and Sharon Brumley. Details will be developed later.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 AM.

Respectfully Submitted
Secretary/Treasurer, Nolan Nelson